As users move from laptop computing to mobile use on a more day to day basis technology manufacturers supplying computer components globally are restructuring their operations to adjust for this shift in demand.

Ireland is heavily dependent on US tech giants and there is a constant fear of one of these manufacturers with operations in Ireland suddenly decides to drastically downsize here in preference for different capabilities and capacities elsewhere globally.

This fear may become a reality as Intel today announce an 11% reduction, 12,000 staff, worldwide within one year. There are genuine fears, due to the nature of Intel's manufacturing capabilities in Leixlip, that this downsizing will affect Intel's Swords's employees heavily.

Intel's Leixlip operation employs circa 4,500 people many of whom live here in Swords.

As these job cuts are directly related to a change in manufacturing structure staff will just be let go. This move is not a financial restructuring offering redundancy packages to willing volunteers.

Although Intel has just finished a new development on site and has planning permission for further expansion, there are genuine concerns for Swords employees at Intel as Intel pivots their operations.

Intel Ireland have commented that it is too early to know how this global restructuring will affect the Irish operation in Leixlip.