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Why we do what we do!

We believe in empowering local towns.

With everything we do, we aim to link neighbours in a web of social and economic relationships that contribute to local well being, local decision making and local prosperity.

 What we do!

We’re a (local!) social media site that helps you share your voice. We support bringing back the  ‘lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour’  values (digitally!) into your local community.

By signing up right now you get to participate in creating the latest buzz of what’s happening and what you want to see happen in your town. 

All content is created by the local people, for the local people. Imagine that! 

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Benefits For Local People

Contribute and discover what your town is up to right now.

Simply buzz what’s happening, what local causes you believe in, follow your favourite local retailers, ask your neighbours for advice (or a commodity!), get instant notifications of the local news, events, information you want and much more.

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Benefits For Organisations

This is the place for organisations to have their own page to communicate directly with the local people. Simply buzz your news, events and activities.

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Benefits For Business

 Simply buzz your latest offers, products/services, events and information instantly (with 100% reach!) to the community you’re servicing and much more.

You can also very easily create a banner ad and send instant notifications to your followers.

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