The Job: staff officer

Responsibilities /Duties:

The person appointed will under the direction and control of the Senior Staff Officer/Administrative Officer or other officer designated by the Chief Executive.


  • Responsibility for the management and supervision of staff and to ensure training and development of such staff;
  • Assign and monitor the work programme for the section/department;
  • Responsibility for the day to day operations of the section/department;
  • To provide administrative support based on a thorough understanding of the overall workings and policy of a section;
  • To motivate, empower and encourage staff to achieve maximum performance by supporting the current Performance Management and Development System (PMDS)
  • To analyse and report on the workings of the section/department;
  • To prepare budgets and ensure that work programmes are implemented within allocated budgets;
  • Represent the section/department at interdepartmental meetings and external meetings;
  • To undertake any other duties and responsibilities as may be required from time to time.
  • The Staff Officer will operate under the direction of and report to the Senior Staff Officer/Administrative Officer of the section to which they are assigned. They must undertake those duties as assigned to them by their Supervisor.

    The Staff Officer shall also report to the Director of Service of the section to which they are assigned or any other person designated by the Director of Service.

    Candidates should:

  • Have a satisfactory understanding of the Council's purpose and priorities and knowledge of
  • public service organisation in Ireland;

  • Demonstrate relevant administrative experience at a sufficient level;
  • Be self motivated with ability to work on own initiative;
  • Have a career record that demonstrates an ability to supervise staff;
  • Have strong interpersonal and communications skills and be capable of representing the Council in a professional and credible manner;
  • Have an awareness of Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations, the implications for the organisation and the employee, and their application in the workplace;
  • Understand the changing environment and be capable of implementing change in order to deliver quality services to citizens;
  • Understand the representational role of the elected members and be capable of working closely with them to deliver quality services and implement policy decisions.
  • Qualifications

    The Minister for the Environment and Local Government has declared that the qualifications for the position of Staff Officer, Meath County Council shall be as set out hereunder:-

    Character: Each candidate must be of good character.


    Each candidate must be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

    Education/ experience, etc.:

    Each candidate must, on the latest date of receipt of completed application forms -

    (a) be a serving employee in a local authority, health board, vocational education committee in the State, institute of technology, the General Medical Services (Payments) Board, St. James's Hospital Board, Beaumont Hospital Board, An Bord Altranais, the Local Government Computer Service Board, the Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly or the Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly and have, satisfactory experience in a post at a level not lower than that of Assistant Staff Officer or at least two years satisfactory experience in a post of Clerical Officer or in an analogous post.

    (b) possess a satisfactory knowledge of the functions and duties of local authorities; and

    (c) possess a satisfactory knowledge or experience of office organisation.

    Principal Conditions of Service

    Type of Post: To form a panel from which temporary and permanent posts may be filled.

    Salaary: €40,213 - €48,495. Pending on service.


    (a) there shall be a period after such appointments take effect during which such persons shall hold the position on probation,

    (b) such period shall be one year but the manager may at his or her discretion extend such period,

    (c)such persons shall cease to hold the position at end of the period of probation unless during such period, the manager has certified that the service of such persons is satisfactory.

    Superannuation Contribution:

    Persons who become pensionable officers of a local authority, who are liable to pay the Class A rate of PRSI contribution will be required in respect of their superannuation to contribute to the the rate of 1.5% of their pensionable remuneration plus 3.5% of net pensionable remuneration (i.e. pensionable remuneration less twice the annual rate of social insurance old age contributory pension payable at the maximum rate to a person with no adult dependant or qualified children).

    Persons who become pensionable officers of a local authority who are liable to pay the Class D rate of PRSI contribution will be required, in respect of their superannuation, to contribute to the local authority at the rate of 5% of their pensionable remuneration. All persons who become pensionable officers of a local authority, are required, in respect of the Local Government (Spouses and Children's Contributory Pension) Scheme, 1986, to contribute to the local authority at the rate of 1.5% of their pensionable remuneration in accordance with the terms of the Scheme.

    Format of the Competition

    Applications must be made on the official application forms and all sections must be completed in full. When completing the application form accuracy is essential as it will be used as a computer input document. The information you supply in the application form will play a central part of the shortlisting process. Meath County Council's decision to include you on the shortlist of candidates going forward to stage two of the process may be determined based on this information.

    Where, by reason of the number of persons seeking admission to the competition and the standard of knowledge, training or experience in general of such persons, Meath County Council consider that it would be reasonable not to admit all the persons to the competition, Meath County Council may admit to the competition only persons who appear likely to them to attain in the competition a standard sufficient for selection and recommendation for appointment.

    The admission of a person to a competition, or invitation to attend an interview, is not to be taken as implying that Meath County Council are satisfied that such person fulfils the requirements of the Regulations or is not disqualified by law from holding the position and does not carry a guarantee that your application will receive further consideration. It is important therefore, for you to note the onus is on you to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the competition before attending for interview. If you do not meet these essential entry requirements but nevertheless attend for interview you will be putting yourself to unnecessary expense, as Meath County Council will not be responsible for refunding any expenses incurred.

    The competition may consist of a two-stage process:

    1. Short-listing

    2. Competitive interview

    Meath County Council may at their discretion require candidates to attend a preliminary interview in which case admission to the competitive interview would be conditional on candidates reaching such a standard as Meath County Council considered appropriate in the preliminary interview.

    Interviews shall be conducted by Board(s) set up by Meath County Council. The Board(s) will assess the merits of candidates (except insofar as they are assessed otherwise) in respect of matters referred to in the prescribed Qualifications and any other relevant matters. Before making its final assessment a Board may recall a candidate for further questioning. Any such further attendance shall be regarded as part of the interview. Only candidates who reach such a standard as Meath County Council consider satisfactory in the competitive interview shall be considered for selection.

    Before being recommended for appointment candidates shall satisfy Meath County Council that they possess the requisite knowledge and ability (including a high standard of suitability and where administrative experience is a requirement a high standard of administrative capacity) for the proper discharge of the duties of the position. Meath County Council may, at their discretion, select and recommend another person(s) for appointment on the results of this competition if the person recommended for appointment does not accept the appointment or, having accepted it, relinquishes it or if an additional vacancy arises.

    The onus is on all applicants to make themselves available for the obligatory test(s) on the date(s) specified by Meath County Council and to make whatever arrangements are necessary to ensure that they receive communications sent to them at the address specified on their application form.

    Canvassing will disqualify.

    General Information

    Meath County Council will not be responsible for any expense, including travelling expenses, candidates may occur in connection with their candidature.

    Candidates shall undergo such medical examinations (which may include special tests) as Meath County Council consider necessary. Medical Examiners will be nominated by Meath County Council. Candidates will be required to pay the fee for any general medical examination or, unless determine otherwise, the fee for any examination by a medical specialist or for any special test and on receipt of bill, Meath County Council will re-imburse the candidate. Candidates must comply, at their own expense, with such remedial requirements as Meath County Council consider necessary.

    Pension Arrangements and Retirement Age:

    Candidates will be informed of their superannuation position at time an offer of appointment is being made.

    Closing Date:

    The completed application must be forwarded by email to so as to reach Meath County Council, Human Resources Section, County Hall, Navan, Co. Meath not later than 5.00pm Wednesday 6th July 2016. Any application form sent by post should be posted in sufficient time to ensure delivery by this deadline. Allegations of loss or delay will not be considered unless supported by a Certificate of Posting. The cost of postage must be borne by the applicant.

    Deeming of candidature to be withdrawn:

    Candidates who do not attend for interview or other test when and where required by Meath County Council, or who do not, when requested, furnish such evidence as Meath County Council require in regard to any matter relevant to their candidature, will have no further claim to consideration.

    Data Protection Act, 1988:

    When your application form is received, we create a computer record in your name, which contains much of the personal information you have supplied. Should your name come under consideration for a post, a manual file will then be created. The personal records are used solely in processing your candidature.

    Such information held on computer is subject to the rights and obligations set out in the Data Protection Act, 1988. You are entitled under this Act to obtain, at any time, a copy of information about you, which is kept on computer. Under the Data Protection (Amendment) Act, 2003, you are entitled to a copy of information about you held in a structured filing system. The charge is €6.35 for each request. You should enclose a cheque or postal order payable to Meath County Council and address your request to: the data protection co-ordinator, MEATH COUNTY COUNCIL, COUNTY HALL, NAVAN, CO. MEATH

    Certain items of information, not specific to any individual, are extracted from records for general statistical purposes.


    Subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, 1997 and 2003 applications will be treated in strict confidence.