"The Creator"

"RubyBlue" Vodka a delicatly smooth vodka that is Irish and made from spuds, yes you heard me correct, its made from the not so now humble potato....

I had the pleasure of meeting RubyBlue's creator at Dublin airport on my way to the south of france, having spotted the beautifully coloured stand I just had to wander over, at first I was attracted to his variety of fresh liqueurs of wild blackcurrent, wild blueberry, wild cranberry and my favourite chilli pepper (wow that one sure did hit the spot!) but the vodka oohhh la la, made from a small batch here in Ireland, the potatoes are harvested late in the season creating a very subtle, light and earthy feel. So for your pleasure I have created a blueberry vodka martini just for you ...

4 Parts RubyBlue Vodka (of course)

1 Part RubyBlue Blueberry Liqueur

1 Part sugar syrup

Juice of 1/2 fresh lime


In a cocktail shaker or jug mix all the above, strain into martini glass, add 2/3 fresh blueberries



Ps Pop a message in the comment box I would really love to know how you got on with your martini's