As we enter phase 2 of opening Ireland back up from Monday 8th June the key takeaway is STAY LOCAL.

Uplifting of restrictions include;

  • Stay Local: You may travel within your own county, and up to 20 kilometres from your home if crossing county boundaries.
  • Meeting other people: You may meet up to 6 people from outside your household both indoors and outdoors for social gatherings.
  • Groups of up to 15 may participate in organised outdoor exercise, sporting, cultural or social activities.
  • Shops: All retail is reopening including Marts. Shop locally, shop safely and support businesses in your community.
  • Work from home: Working from home must continue wherever possible.
  • Transport: Walk or cycle if you can. Only use public transport if you absolutely need to. Public transport capacity is limited because of social distancing requirements. Wearing a face covering is recommended and avoid peak-time travel.
  • For children - outdoor playgrounds can reopen under supervision and outdoor summer camps can open to post-primary children.
  • All non-essential overseas travel to and from Ireland should be avoided. Passengers arriving from overseas are expected to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Over 70's - Stay home as much as possible. You may welcome small numbers of people to your home, but maintain social distancing. For shopping, please use the times specially allotted by retailers. If you are visiting someone who is over 70 or medically vulnerable, please be extra vigilant