Spending your hard earned cash locally supports local business owners who are people just like you that helps them support their families, their local employees and their families.

Reinvesting in Ashbourne's economy

Research shows that €100 spent in local Ashbourne shops, salons, bars and restaurants puts €63 back into the local economy compared with only €40 when spent in multinationals.

Local produce

Local stores are more likely to stock local products by local manufacturers and crafts people. For example local bookshops help to promote local authors.


Shopping in Ashbourne stores is also a great community experience and contributes significantly to the neighbourly social fabric of Ashbourne.

Better advice

You are more likely to get better advice from your local store. Local owners are experts in their field and will take the time to advise you better. Your local DIY or Motor factors will help you with their experience to solve problems.

A better deal

Local stores consistently match or beat the prices of the multinationals. To survive they have little choice. This fact, however, is often lost on consumers.

Getting to know your local shopkeeper is often rewarded with an extra apple or bagel in your shopping bag or a random 10% discount.

A better service

Local businesses are great at dropping large purchases to your home and are great at helping the older members of our community.

Many will allow you to try before you buy.

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