Creamed Corn my way ...

I have to say it has to be one if my favourite side dishes, this bad boy is going into my "lets cook rock n roll cook book" as I have cooked it for Snoop Dog, Neill Diamond, The Corrs, The Counting Crows and some so here it is .......

2 cups of good quality canned sweet corn with the juice (it's quick & easy)

1 small white onion finely diced

125g butter

1cup fresh single fresh cream

1/4 tsp fresh ground nutmeg

Generous season of sea salt & cracked black pepper (this basically means to your taste)

In a non stick medium pot or wok style pan (my preference in most cooking) gently melt the butter add the diced onions & cover to allow the onions to "sweat" cook for about 2 minutes on a medium heat as you want them soft but not browned, remove the lid throw in the corn & corn juice, reduced the liquid to almost nothing throw in the cream, nutmeg and season well with cracked black pepper & sea salt. Reduce the creamy liquid to half whizz in a blender/food processor till thick & smooth..Get stuck in


Denise X