Snack attack time, so I'm out in my mom's garden digging up laurels bushes, bulbs and plants for her to relocate to a sunnier spot then I feel faint and I realised I hadn't eaten at all not even breakfast or a cup of coffee so needless to say I was absolutely starving, now as we all know this is not a good for your body, mind not to mention one's soul ...

So here it is, my all time favourite sauce in a bottle yes you got it, it's Franks Redhot Wing Sauce it's fantastic for EVEYTHING in my opinion, chicken, fish, shell fish, veggies, dips, soups, salads etc etc etc. For this healthysnack attack you will need .....

3 Ryvitas

1 Avocado

Lots of Franks Hot Sauce !

3 tbsp Natural Greek Yogurt

Sea salt & Black Pepper to season

Mash the avocado, spread evenly on the ryvita's smothered withnatural yogurt and dose with Franks hot sauce, season ...scoff yummo


Denise x

Franks sauce is sold in most supermarkets, Dunnes, Supervalu,Tesco and all good Deli's