So my freedom Friday was a rather mental evening with lots of the fizzy stuff (prosecco) and far to much red wine, for a lovely change I had someone else cook for me and it's was divine so I don't have a recipe for my freedom Friday this week as I didn't cook so thank you Deidre however I'm in bits today so after we watched Ireland thrashed Italy in the rugby I wiped up some chili & pepper hummus for soakage and a hangover cure of a Bloody Mary had to be had (recipe on its way) I have also served this at every gig I habe done over the years, Robbie Williams, U2, The Counting Crows, The Verve, Enrique Iglesias, Neill Diamond to name but a few....

Chilli and red pepper hummus

Cooking time. None. Prep time 5/7 minutes

2x400g can chicks peas (retain 2 tbsp of the liquid disregard the rest and rinse chickpeas)

10 sweet chilli pepper deseeded

2 large roasted red peppers (or 3 medium size) I used the ones in the jar from Aldi

1 cloves garlic.

Juice of 1 lemon

2 tbsp tahini paste

4 tbsp olive oil

½ tsp sea salt

Freshly ground cracked black pepper to taste

1.Add all the above into a food processor and whizz till smooth. Refrigerate till your ready to serve.

I like to make homemade crisply tortilla for this dip and because I was lazy today I used gluten free cheesy crackers instead however you can use carrot & celery sticks for a healthier cleaner option..


Denise x