The Evictions Courts recently served 79 notices to evict families in Castlebar, 93 eviction notices to families in Cavan, 94 to families in Letterkenny, 132 to families in Naas, 65 to families in Portlaoise and 51 to families in Wexford.

Right across Ireland homes are being repossessed as institutions bailed out by tax payers pass on their distressed debt to investment funds.

This week the Master of the High Court, Edmund Honohan, said the State could address the housing crisis by passing new laws to allow it to compulsorily acquire properties that "the banks dump into the market for speculators". In interviews across Irish media Mr Honohan said that the constitution has scope to allow such emergency legislation using a mechanism for compulsory acquisitions forcing compulsory buy back from these funds. He said "It is open to the legislature in the Oireachtas to pass emergency legislation this side of the New Year to incorporate a new body which would compulsorily acquire the property overnight at the stroke of a pen."

Mr Honohan said, following a judgement that included 400 repossessed homes property Danske Bank bulk sale, "You can say; all right let's go out and build houses. But if you can go out and pick them up for less than the cost of building, then that's what you should do".

Mr Honohan, who deals with such cases every week in the Master's Court has put this suggestion to nationalise repossessed homes out into the public domain to "invite political parties to look at it."

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