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Skewer: Quick release wheel locking, spring loaded mechanism.

When preparing for your next training spin, make sure that your skewers are tightened correctly!

The consequences of a loose skewer can be frightening.

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Most new bikes are manufactured with this in mind and are all produced with "Lawyer Tabs". These are little knobbles on the very end of the front fork or rear dropout (explain what this means i.e. - The place where the rear wheel slots onto your bikes frame) to facilitate a loose skewer staying in place it the event of it working loose.These are aptly named as they were developed to reduce law suits as a result of wheels coming off.

If the front skewer becomes slightly loose the wheel will "Wobble" but should stay in place and allow you to stop and tighten up to the required force. It should be tightened to just beyond hand tight or withenough pressure applied to allow you open it again without injuring your wrist.
A loose rear skewer will just mean that the wheel will pull to one side of the chain stays and force you to a stop.


Close the front skewer with the handle facing backwards

Close your rear skewer with the handle facing forwards.

Closing it the wrong way could get into a potential situation where a wheel can come into contact and become trapped between the skewer and and front fork or rear dropout.

Live the dream and ride safely :)

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