Fusion Surf n Turf

Serves 4

This dish is my favourite way to combine my two loves, fillet steak and king prawns!

I was lucky enough to spent many years living in Sydney Australia, as Australia has a wonderful melting pot of cultures it's really does comes out in the food so all those different flavours coming together in a wonderful cauldron of love that's food.

So here we go.....

Serves 4


4x8oz fillet steaks in equal size

16 large raw king prawns peeled and deveined

A good pinch of sea salt flakes and freshly cracked black pepper

For the batter mix

½ cup rice flour

½ cup plain flour

2 large eggs or 3 medium size eggs beaten well

½ cup milk

2 tsp ground white pepper

1 tsp sea salt

Coating for the king prawns

1 tsp sea salt flakes

1 tbsp pink peppercorns

2 scallions finely chopped

¼ cup finely diced green pepper

¼ cup finely diced yellow pepper

¼ cup finely diced red pepper

2 large red chillies de seeded and thinly sliced

A good pinch of cracked black pepper

Balsamic reduction

¼ cup white sugar

¼ cup balsamic vinegar

For cooking & frying

1 litre/4 cups either vegetable, sunflower or rapeseed oil (reserve a 1/3 cup for sautéing)

Paper towel/kitchen roll for excess oil

Prep time ..

First season your fillet steaks with a little oil one both side, season the steaks again on both sides with the sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper set aside.

Devein and shell the prawns set aside.

In a small pan combine the balsamic vinegar and sugar gently reduce till the liquid coats the back of a spoon set aside and allow to cool.

Crack your eggs into a bowl, add the milk and whisk till well combined set aside.

Combine both flours, 2 tsp ground black pepper and the 1 tsp sea salt mix well.

To prepare the prawns for frying add the prawns to the egg wash taking 2/3 prawns at a time coat each prawn with the salted flour mix place on a plate but not on top of each other repeat this process till all the prawns are coated, then repeat the first step again I call this double dipping it really gives the prawns a crispy coating when frying. Heat oil to a high heat add in your prawns and cook for about 3 to 4 minutes the prawns will curl up nicely and become pink. Drain on some paper towel for excess oil set aside.

Heat a pan till it's slightly smoking add your steaks and sear till well browned on each side with a tongs pick up each steak and sear the edges this seals all the juices in the steaks set aside to rest*

In a wok style pan heat the reserved 1/3 cup oil add in the chilli, green, red, yellow peppers, scallions, pink pepper corns, sea alt and black pepper allow to sizzle for 30 seconds but not to brown the mix add in the prawns heat through.

To serve

On a warm plate using a spoon or a squeeze bottle drizzle the balsamic in a zig zag on each plate arrange steak in the middle of your plate divide the meat juices and pour over each steak, with a large spoon scoop 4 prawns for each steak dividing a spoonful of the vegetable mix including the seasoned oil sit neatly on the steaks.Serve with your chosen side dish.

This fusion delight pairs nicely with Cono Sur single Vineyard Pinot Noir.



Ps please feel free to comment or ask any questions, I'll be more than happy to chat .

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